Thursday, April 21, 2016

Inspiration for creating lists in Wunderlist

So you've read Make Lists Not Fists. You've set up Wunderlist and you've created the core lists of the Lists Not Fists method. Then what? Which extra lists do you create to get the most out of the system? To give you some inspiration, here is an overview of the lists that two of my students have set up in their Wunderlist.

Camilla van Kooten (class of 2017).

The lists I have are:

·      Active lists
- Today homework
- Today other
- Week to do
- Semester to do (for all the deadlines)
- Waiting for (for example if someone owes me money)
-Put in diary (if there is anything I have to write down in my diary, for example appointments)

·      Passive lists
- Groceries
- Fun stuff
- Buy stuff
- Long term to do
- Movies to watch
- Masters programs

Debby-EsmeĆ© de Vlugt (class of 2016, now Masters student at Oxford)

The lists I have are:

·      Active lists
Today – UCR
-Today – Other
-RSC (=my internship at the Roosevelt Study Center)
-Week to do
-Month (=same as week, but then for the month)
-Semester (=deadlines)
-Waiting for (=mostly money that I still have to receive or pay)

·      Passive lists
-Future Courses (= possible ideas for papers etc.)
-Masters programs I’m interested in
-Veggies&Vanilla (=my website)
-Tabula RASA (UCR’s student paper, which I write for. I mostly put article ideas here)
-Plans Winter Break
-Plans Summer Break
-Books to Read

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